El Moania was a hotel located in Morocco. It was named the "worst hotel in the world" despite its tall structure. Nimrod decided to bring the twins here as part of their "education" so they would experience the difficult parts of the world and not take what they had for granted.


On the first floor, the view was quite nice, but that quickly changed progressing further into the hotel. From the second to the nineteenth floor, their was constant construction which could heard from other floors. In addition, the porters were on strike so there was no one to carry their luggage on the hundreth floor. In their rooms, the showers weren't working so John called a technician (after going great lengths to find a working telephone). The technician came up and smashed the shower head with Groanin's shoe, which caused it a neverending spew of water. In addition, inside the minibar John found a giant cochroach (Groanin's was empty) Philippa's bathroom was made of pure dirt. In fact, the only thing that seemed to be working was the TV, which Zaregus enjoyed hours on end of Morrocan belly dancing.

After their experience, they all agreed that they had learned from the experience.

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