Effendi was Baksheesh 's dog and companion. They brought him almost everywhere they went and it is noted that it could stand the hot Egypt weather. He was present when they found the ancient Egyptian artifact that led to the discovery of the Seventy Lost Djinn of Akhenaten. Like many other animals, Effendi was able to sense the oncoming earthquake and started barking wildly when the earth began to shake. Effendi was poisoned along with Baksheesh, but was killed as an example of what would happen if Hussein didn't follow Iblis' instructions. John finds him in an open box next do the window, but is forced to abandon him when Baksheesh gives his warning about the Ifrit.


Effendi, Effendy or Efendi (Turkish: Efendi, Arabic: أفندي Afandī; Persian: آفندی ) is a title of nobility meaning a lord or master.

It is a title of respect or courtesy, equivalent to the English Sir, which was used in Ottoman Empire (Turkey). It follows the personal name, when it is used, and is generally given to members of the learned professions and to government officials who have high ranks, such as bey or pasha. It may also indicate a definite office, as hekim efendi, chief physician to the sultan. The possessive form efendim (my master) is used by servants and in formal discourse.

In the Ottoman era, the most common title affixed to a personal name after that of agha was efendi. Such a title would have indicated an "educated gentleman", hence by implication a graduate of a secular state school (rüşdiye), even though at least some if not most of these efendis had once been religious students, or even religious teachers.

The word itself is a corruption of the Medieval Greek afendis (αφέντης), from ancient Greek authentēs (αὐθέντης), generally "doer, master".

This may suggest the Hussasouts pay high attention to other animals as well as treat them with respect, naming their dog after such a respectable name.

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