Dunbelchin was the camel that was used to find the tomb of Genghis Khan. She was famous for belonging to Genghis Khan's sons. Because of the Marid's strong connection with the camels, John was able to possess Dunbelchin in order to track down the tomb. Through the camel's senses John was able to recall everything that happened to the her, and was even able to smell the strong presence of death nearby.


The sons and brothers of Genghis Khan buried Dunbelchin's newborn calf along with him, knowing that a camel never forgets the smell of its own offspring. Every spring, they would use Dunbelchin to find the tomb, until Dunbelchin was stolen because for it's jeweled bridle and beautiful saddle. Dunbelchin eventually wound up with Ali Bilharzia. Dunbelchin died in 1240 and was stufed by a taxidermist twice. Knowing that the Darkhats would kiill them, Ali and his family worked hard to keep anyone from knowing that they had Dunbelchin.

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