Druids are a special class of Celtic tribesmen that once lived in England. Often, ancient megaliths and stone circles are associated with druids. Little is known about ancient druids but there have been rumors about descendents that practice their ways. Many unexplained happenings have been associated with the druids who were considered mystical in their power.

The Black DruidsEdit

In the fifth book, Virgil Macreeby hires black druids to kidnap Mr. Gaunt. Unlike the association known as the white druids, they do not celebrate good. Rather than opposite, they support the "other team" as Haddo notes. They trap Mr. Gaunt within the warehouse building and guard him continuously. They were responsible for making a video to blackmail the rest of the Gaunt family. In order to guard the compound they placed an exorbere, a special type of elemental used by ancient druids, to protect against unexpected break ins by djinn.

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