Dr. Heinrich Hynkell is an agent of the Waffen-SS and part of Adolf Hitler's Nazi forces. He traveled to Tibet looking for Shamba-La but has been trapped in the Mopu Lamasery for many years. He still believes it is 1938 and the Second World War hasn't happened yet.

When John travels to their village, he captures him and forces him to answer his questions. Though benevolent at first, he reveals himself to be on a mission for finding paranormal powers, finding a heritage between Hitler and the Buddha, and discover the secret of eternal life.

Despite never seeing a djinn before, he quickly believes that John is a djinn and can grant him three wishes. He imprisons him and Mr. Rakshasas in wolf form for this reason.

He makes John swear an oath that he will help him, and wish for his parents to be dead if he breaks the promise. Dr. Hynkell kept his promise and released Mr. Rakshasas. It came down between a choice between saving Groanin and his own mother and father.

Instead of going by flying carpet, they went and climbed down the mountain to prevent John from temptation. He tied a rope around him so he wouldn't fall. Despite his, he threatened he still had his gun and would shoot him if necessary.

He and the other soldiers started aging once moving out of the Kailash crater. When John annd Mr. Rakshasas tried to go back up the mountain to Shamba-La, he found another hand. The one of Dr. Hynkell. His last act was to leer at John, making him fall off the ledge.

When falling he grabbed his skull, which flew off his head and parted with the mountain.

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