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Djinn (plural, djinn, singular djinni, although djinn can be used for both a single djinn or many djinn,) are magic creatures who look like humans and can cast magic through wishing. Because of the powers they commanded over luck, some were worshipped as demigods. Djinn are made of fire, therefore their average body temperature is slightly higher than that of a human. Also, because djinn are made of fire, young djinn can not make wishes in the cold. However, having developed their powers more, adult djinn can make wishes in far colder temperatures than young djinn. Djinn also are immune to snake venom but are weaker to other venoms (such as Spider, Scorpion etc). Another oddity about the djinn is that their lymph nodes contain much more sulphur than a human's do. It is for this reason that mundanes have a better sense of smell, and also the reason why small, blood-sucking parasites, like mosquitoes, do not bother the djinn. Djinn have their wisdom teeth out at an early stage, much earlier than an average human. The reason for this is that djinn only start truly aging when their wisdom teeth are extracted, no matter how old the djinn is before the extraction. When their wisdom teeth have been extracted, only then can they use their power. There is a Blue Djiin who acts like a judge over the other djinn. There are six tribes of djinn, three of which are good djinn tribes and three are evil djinn tribes. dun dun dun...

Djinn tribesEdit

Good Tribes




Evil tribes



  • none



  • The average temperature of a healthy djinn is 101.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Djinn has become objects of folklore over time as mundanes have observed them and learned their ways.
  • If a mundane injects djinn blood into him or herself, the mundane will spontaneously combust from the heat and sulphur content of the blood.
  • A Djinn can lose their power if it is used too much.
  • Djinn suffer from extreme claustrophobia dude to their time being in lamps.
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