Bumby is a town in England that was often named one of the "unluckiest towns in the world." Little did they know, this bad luck was caused by a jinx named Zaregus. John later takes him with him, removing most of the problems.



Groanin chose this spot for vacation out of habit. Over the Easter breaks he would spend his summer here due to his dislike of travelling abroad. During present-day events in the Five Fakirs of Faizabad, he comes here in seek of a holiday. However, John tags along seeking to complete his taranushi


The town had a curious disposition of holding many people in the last name who had the suffinx -bottom. Among these included:

Groanin explained that thisw as because that in english "bottom" originally meant "botham" which was the broad bottom of a valley, and the large amount of valleys show why their are alot of bottoms that live in them.

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