The symbol of the Blue Djinn

"Blue Djinn" redirects here. For the book, see The Blue Djinn of Babylon.

The Blue Djinn of Babylon is a symbolic leader of all Djinn, both evil and good. She is even elevated above good and evil, because she does not look at what is good or evil, but acts to reason and logic. This allows them to with unbiased honesty deal with both good and bad with the good Djinn. It ensures the welfare of the Djinn, but is also a judge. They determined that the penalties according to The Baghdad Rules.

The Blue Djinn is always feminine and very harsh when standing to keep between good and evil. Each year in January, when thirty days to the hanging palace of Babylon in Iraq, she hardens her heart and she is even harsher than the previous year.

The grandmother of the twins, named Ayesha was the Blue Djinn in the first and second book. John and Philippa did not know about her plans of succession until Ayesha kidnapped Philippa. This was done because she was nearing her end and not able to identify Djinn as her replacement. Philippa becomes the Blue Djinn until John rescues her and Layla goes to replace her. The twins ultimately try to stop this and get Faustina Sachertorte to be the next blue djinn.

Known Blue DjinnEdit

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