The Bellini Scrolls are ancient scrolls that contain contain information about the Blue Djinn of Babylon and the Iravotum. Virgil Macreeby gives these scrolls to Nimrod, the twins, and Mr. Rakshasas in exchange for three wishes. Mr. Rakshasas is surprised that Macreeby had such a rare artifact which he believed was a well held secret. McCreeby also said that he gave a copy to Mimi de Ghulle, presumably for her own rise to power as the Blue Djinn.

In addition to general maps and information, it provided a back door to how the Blue Djinn may retain her title without being totally being impartial to Good and Evil. Such a method would require the djinn to leave her body during the time that the aroma of the Tree of Logic is most powerful and leave the body within the palace. Faustina Sachertorte uses this strategy when she becomes the Blue Djinn however she is still notably different than before.

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