Bannermans island

Bannerman's Island

Bannerman's Island is an island located on the Hudson river in New York. It is home to Dybbuk and Faustina's aunt, Felicia. Because of its close proximity to the Spirit World, it is well known for the presence of ghosts.

John, along with Mr. Rakshasas and Leo, visited the house to get Faustina's spirit in order to reunite it with her body, in the hopes that she could replace Layla as the Blue djinn.

Dybbuk's RefugeEdit

Bannerman's Island was stated to be one of Dybbuk's favorite places to visit growing up. When Dybbuk dissappears because Mr. Blennerhassit was murdered, Nimrod knew to find him at Bannerman's Island. Later they track him to their and ask for his help in solving the mystery of the Cobra Cult.

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