Baksheesh Hussaout was the son of Hussein Hussaout. He owned a dog named Effendi and was one of the first characers introduced in the first book. When he and his father were looking for historical artifacts to sell in their shop, an earthquake shook and revealed a mysterious symbol in the ground- an Egyptian stele. This symbol later proved to be the beginning of them uncovering a long mystery regarding the ancient pharoah, Akhenaten.

Iblis Teer blackmailed Hussein by inflicting an illness on Baksheesh so that he would not inform Nimrod of Iblis' plans. Palis later removed the illness from Baksheesh but his father was killed.

In response to his father's death, Nimrod invited Baksheesh to come see him after finishing his schooling. Afterwards he went to live with his aunt in Alexandria and his uncle in Heliopolis.


Bakseesh enjoyed helping his father in his archeological digs despite the hot weather. Despite his trust in his father, he was not aware of the presense of djinn and led a relatively normal life of someone in his position until John and Philippa arrived.

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