Babi is Akhenaten's baboon ghost servant that he frees from a canopic jar (enscribed with the head of a baboon) in the British Museum. Out of all Akhenaten's animal servants, Babi is the only one that is named and most powerful. The baboon attacked Nimrod by sinking its fangs into him and giving his blood to Akhenaten, who prepared to use it for his djinn binding. Akhenaten threatens Nimrod to give his gemetrian name on the premise that Babi will tear out the twins' throats otherwise.


Babi is most likely named after the Babi of Egyptian mythology. Babi was a fierce, bloodthirsty baboon god who was ancient even in the realm of Egyptian gods. Mentioned as early as the Old Kingdom, Babi "bull of the baboons" with his supernatural aggression is an attribute to which the monarch aspires. He controls the darkness and will open up the sky for the king.

Ancient Egyptians believed that spells are needed to protect oneself against him, particularly during the weighing of the heart ceremony in the Hall of the Two Truths. where a person's fitness for paradise is determined. Conversely Babi can use his immense power to ward off dangers like snakes and control turbulent waters.

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