Ayesha Godwin was the previous Blue Djinn of Babylon before Faustina, and is Layla Gaunt's mother, and John and Philippa's grandmother. She is about two hundred years old, but has a appearence of her late eighties. As Blue Djinn, Ayesha was induced to the Tree of Logic to become hard-hearted. She died and was preceded by her daughter, Layla, and whom was later replaced by Faustina.

The Blue Djinn of BabylonEdit

In the beginning of the second novel, Ayesha is seen having an argument with her daughter about following in her footsteps as the next blue djinn. Though they are family, they are not as close as they used to be, divided by their principles. As a blue djinn, she is not opposed to harsh punishment as shown when she sentenced Iblis to ten years of exile on Venus for the death of Hussein Hussaout. During the Djinnverso tournament, she tells Izaak Balayaga to possess Philippa's body to make the claim that she was cheating. Discrediting Philippa, this was part of her mastermind plan to get Philippa to become the next Blue Djinn when her mother refused.

She gives Izaak orders to pretend the Solomon's Grimoire is stolen by Asmodeus. Using this, knowing they will come after it, gave her the opportunity to bind Philippa and take her to the Palace of the Blue Djinn and induce her to Tree of Logic. At the end, it was revealed that it was part of a greater plan to have Layla take her place as the Blue Djinn.

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