Asaf Barkhiya is the owner of the flying carpet shop in Fez. In the sixth book, he sold a flying carpet for three wishes to Nimrod. He had the nose and eyes of an eagle, a large gap between his very white front teeth, and a long, shiny, black beard that was divided into two sharp points. He also wasn't very tall and had a deep voice that was almost as dramatic as that of a great actor. He is the direct descendant of the vizier of King Solomon.

For his three wishes, he wanted prosperity and health to him and his family, good health to the King, and cum mula peperit, to give people hope. The latin phrase for "when a mule foals" or gives birth. Because mules are a hybrid biologically speaking it is almost impossible for a mule to give birth. However, because of this once in a lifetime phenomenon he hoped to give people hope by making the impossible happen.

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