The Alembic House is a summer camp in Salem, Massachusetts for the academically gifted. Mr. and Mrs. Gaunt were planning to send the twins here until Nimrod intervened in the twin's vision and told them to come visit him in England. According to Nimrod, at the camp they keep children so busy that they do not realize their true potential. Part of the reason they wanted to send John and Philippa to the camp was that their parents wanted them to be raised as normal, human children without any powers. It is suggested that other djinn may also attend the school.

The Alembic technique that Dr. Griggs uses diverts the mind from the use of djinn powers through a mountain of schoolwork. In addition, he convinces other students that never to believe in anything that cannot be proved with laws of science. Therefore, it restricts the young djinns mind by diminishing their self-belief.


The name "alembic" means something that purifies or alters by a process or anything that refines or purifies. Ironically, this would suggest that they believe that making them forget their heritage would "purify" or "refine" them where in actuality it would make them more mundane;.

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