Akhenaten alternate art

Akhenaten as he is shown in an alternate cover of the first book

Akhenaten was an evil Egyptian pharoah that bound djinn in his tomb to his service in attempt to control the world. He returns in the first book, The Akhenaten Adventure, where the twins, Nimrod, and Iblis Teer race to find the lost djinn.

Named at birth as Amenhotep, he changed his name when he tried to do away with the old Egyptain gods (Isis, Seti, Anubis, and Thoth) and replace them with Aten (which was actually his 70 bound djinn). Even to humans, he was considered a heretic pharoah and neglected his people and defense against hostile outsiders. His mother was a witch and his father was a djinn. His mother taught him how to bind other djinn which was how he gained contol of his djinn slaves. Though his supposed death was out in the desert of Amaria his tomb had never been found.

Upon his return, he controled ghost-like versions of animals (one of them was Babi) that attacked Nimrod and the twins. This eventually forced Nimrod to give up his gemetrian name and bound him as his slave. Fortunately, at that time John and Philippa discover the secret top releasing the Seventy Lost Djinn and they help bind their former master. During the process, however, Nimrod was also bound to the Canopic jar.

To solve this great problem, the twins decide to fly up to the North pole and release them both at the same time, but trap Akhenaten. Here it is suggested that Akhenaten can absorb their powers even as they are using them as Mr. Rakshasas mentions the risk. They succeed, despite getting attacked by a polar bear and Akhenaten was bound once more. Bottle with Akhenaten fell in hole.

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