Adam Apollonious was a human magician who did "magic tricks" in the city of Las Vegas. He was one of Dybbuk's favorites as the latter persuaded his mother to let them go and see the magician perform.

During the show Dybbuk volunteered to go onstage and assist Adam perform a magic trick with him, where he would shoot the magician with a pistol, requiring Adam to catch it in his mouth. After doing so, however, he found that the magician crumpled to the floor. Later, Dybukk discovered that that was a part of his act.

After the show, Dybukk impressed Adam with his own "magic" and Adam persuaded him to become his aprentice, a magical prodigy, under the name of Jonathan Tarot. Dybbuk readily agreed to go with the magician.

Little did he know however, that his father's spirit was possessing Adam Apollonious and that he was going to use Dybbuk for a major crime he was planning. By using up all of his djinn power during a live performance, Dybukk causes the millions of children watching the show to lose their spirits into Iblis' jade pyramid, as part of his plan.

After Iblis is captured, it is assumed that Adam's body was released and he continued on with his normal life.

Tricks and AbilitiesEdit

One of Adam's notable tricks was making a bear disappear from different areas of the stage and decapitating himself only to put his head back on.


Adam was a tall, thin man with many earings, piercings, and tattoos.

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